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Look Around FAQ

The main section

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The main section

What is Look Around?

Look Around is a GPS-oriented messenger for instant communication to people nearby. It is your opportunity to spend time on the road or in the waiting hall, in a club or restaurant and make new acquaintances with interesting people.

Main advantages:

How to get started?

To get started with the application Look Around you need:

Main buttons:

The application does not work. I cannot see other users.

If you have allowed the usage of GPS by App and still do not see the people around, then there are no active users nearby at this moment (with installed application).

Try to use the application in locations with more people or ask your acquaintances, friends and neighbors nearby also install Look Around :-)

Additional section

I can not change the name in the settings of App.

At the moment, the "User Name" is a unique identifier.

Please hold your profile-picture and enter your new name.

How to unlock the user?

Click on the lock again. This user will be unlocked and you will be able to read his/her posts again.

I have a suggestion for cooperation.

This is great! Please e-mail us here


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